Lance Alexander and Justin Owen


Lance Alexander and Justin Owen

Dylan Lucas says: There is always a time in any friendship where sex comes up, one way or another. Lance Alexander and his good friend Justin Owen came up against one of these moments recently.


Just watching these two young guys chatting and laughing together it is clear that they share a deep bond of friendship, that goes much deeper. It also became crystal clear that the younger Justin has a thing about Lance’s butt.


As Lance moves around Justin’s eye never moves far from his rear end. Kind of mesmerizing in an annoying way. ‘Had they ever thought about each other sexually?’, I asked. ‘Fuck yeah!’ Justin blurted out without thinking. ‘Hell no!’ Lance responded at the same time.


Then their gaze locked on and both guys move closer. Not sure who was telling the truth and who was being a little bit untruthful but what happened next was clearly on the cards for a long time.


And the self satisfied ‘loving look’ on Justin’s face as his dick first enters Lance’s hot ass hole makes me think that Justin wanted this so so bad.


And judging by Lance’s secret looks he wasn’t complaining either. Both hot and horny boys make out like the lovers they surely could be.




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