Naked surfer dudes Austin Merrick and Bradley Hudson

Dylan Lucas says: It’s one of those beautiful long hot summer Californian days. Remember them. Austin Merrick and Bradley Hudson are out in the surf in search of some waves.

Unfortunately there were just a few ripples, nothing that a serious surfer could get his teeth into. Bradley decided to go anyway. Austin was a rebel, checked the surf report and brought his skateboard.

After catching a few small waves these restless souls decided to call it a day and do something a little more fun. As
soon as they get home they jump on the couch and start passionately making out.

Their board shorts are ripped off and their hands are vigorously rubbing up and down each others bodies until Bradley’s long dick flops out.

Austin is quick to seize his chance and take the full erect cock in his mouth. Now the boys are charged up and they make out like rabbits.

Austin’s man hole is red raw from the fucking that Bradley unleashes on him. So much for pent up energy. Get naked surfer dudes video at Dylan Lucas!

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