Naked all American boy Alexander

Sean Cody says: “You have a lot of hair.” “Yeah I know.” Alexander replied with a laugh. “You should have seen me as a kid. It was out of control.” Alexander is a new arrival to southern California, he’s an east coast transplant.

He recently moved here here with his friend, and both of them have started looking for modeling jobs. “Everyone keeps telling me that I should move to LA if I want to make it,” he said, crunching up his nose in an obvious expression of distaste.

“But I really love it here.” He was eyeing the ocean, and the beach, the sand, and the people. He had his skim board with him and he wanted to show us his skills. Unfortunately, the waves weren’t working in his favor.

“The skim is bad today,” he said with a sad little frown. That was the only frown I ever saw on him, though. He’s an incredibly upbeat, charming guy who likes to make other people happy.

“When I lived on the east coast, I noticed that a lot of people were just kinda cranky,” he explained. “I moved here hoping that if I surround myself with happy people, maybe I’ll be happier.” Get this video at Sean Cody!

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