Adorable boy Kirk also has a soft side

Sean Cody says: Kirk is a midwestern boy that grew up, truly, as country as it gets. “I love to hunt,” he told us. “I got my first BB gun when I was five.” “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever shot?” “Squirrels!” “Really?”

“Squirrel meat is great. It’s chewy.” What do you do when an adorable boy tells you in a southern twang that he shoots rodents? I just laughed. Kirk is currently working as a server to help feed his constant need to tour the world.

“I’ve been to Rome, Paris, London…” The list went on and on. But he seemed extra excited to be in California. “When we are done here I kinda wanna go learn to surf,” he said. “…or see the zoo.” Kirk also has a soft side, and he’s not afraid to admit it.

“I love making romantic home-made dinners,” he admitted. Kirk was really fun to be around and he had a natural smile that was contagious. “You look really happy,” I said. “Yup!” “Why’s that?” “Cause I didn’t think I’d be having this much fun!” Get this video at Sean Cody!


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