John Magnum and Samuel Colt

Tattoo Furry Chested John Magnum Smooth Chested Smooth Ass Samuel Colt 02 - John Magnum and Samuel Colt

John Magnum might be playing a game of pool, but it’s a game of cat-and-mouse that beefy hunk Samuel Colt is interested in. He admires John from afar, and when he strolls into the bathroom, Samuel follows. John misplaces his phone (or so he wants us to think), prompting Samuel to hand it over to him. A reward is needed: Samuel’s cock is hanging out of his pants.

John Magnum fucks the tight ass of Samuel Colt 11 - John Magnum and Samuel Colt

John wastes no time dropping to his knees, swallowing the piece of meat, gagging and slobbering with each bob of his head. The bar gets hotter, so the guys take their clothes off, and even though Samuel is a big, strong top, he leans over the bar for John to top him — a rare treat. The blond cutie with the hot, toned body digs his hard dick deep inside of Samuel, who grunts and yells for more!

Hairy chest John Magnum Cute smooth Bubble Butt Samuel Colt 01 - John Magnum and Samuel Colt

But John doesn’t want to be left out, so he gets down on his hands and knees like a dog on the pool table. Samuel mounts him like a sex beast and ravages his asshole. All of his thrusts and pounds lead to a strong load-busting! Watch the whole sordid affair here!

Ass Rimming John Magnum Gets tongue Lashed By Samuel Colt 08 - John Magnum and Samuel Colt

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Huge Dick Naked Guy Pics
Huge Dick Naked Guy Pics
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