Naked bodybuilder Marcel Marlin at Live Muscle Show

Live Muscle Show says: Marcel Marlin is quietly confident that all who find him parading his muscles around on Livemuscleshow will be very impressed indeed. Now, when we went along and checked out his private muscle show we were astounded at what we saw. Marcel is a wizard with his muscles.

He has built this body in such a way that it will react to his slightest will, almost seemingly with no effort at all. When you see other muscle men tensing their muscles you sometimes see a look in their eye or a grimace on their face, but not with Marcel.



When Marcel holds up his arm to show you his biceps he looks as though he could quite easily star in toothpaste commercial; he is relaxed and very beautiful indeed. However, when you catch Marcel in the gym it’s a different matter all together.

He is a fierce trainer and a competitive lifter, and you can often find him getting involved in those impromptu power lifting contests that are common in all the greatest bodybuilding gyms in the world.






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