Real boyfriends fuck with Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder

Falcon Studios says: Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder are lovers in real life, and when you see the way they go at each other no holds barred, its clear these boys know how to pleasure each other.

Smoldering hot kisses and devouringly intense cock play in the hot tub, and this is just the entree. It’s just too intimate for words, lest I say more, it’s explosive.

Tate knows exactly how Trenton likes his meat, blowjob style, and Trenton returns the oral favors as his lips engulf Tate’s caramel skinned huge dick with slow and delicate rapture.

There’s no lack of mounting excitement, as the buff and brawny pair hurtle into explosions of fuck-lust. Give and take is where it’s at. Tate fingers the bigger stud’s ass and slams his sleek prick up his muscle man hole. Tate fucks Trenton’s ass hole to within an inch of his life.

And then Tate suddenly straddles Trenton, pumping the fathomless cavern of his ass onto Trenton’s erect cock, and crying out, “It’s fucking big!” Trenton’s ram rammer piston fucks, faster and faster from below, and suddenly they’re both sweating and shouting.

Then without any warning they both spew up massive loads of hot man cum. Tate sucks Trenton’s cum-shiny cock clean, and the sensation wracked boyfriends fall in for a final kiss and cuddle clench. The sexy couple are all nice and moist.

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