Johnny Ryder ass fucksTanner Wayne all the way home

Falcon Studios says: Johnny Ryder comes down the stairs to greet his statuesque man, Tanner Wayne. Tanner is tired after a long day out and about. He has in mind a passionate make out session to help him wind down.

Luckily Johnny is of the same mind and these two muscle hunks of manhood lock lips and lick each other’s sculpted, tanned bodies. In a frenzied tussle the boys mess about until Tanner unwraps the growing package that’s under Johnny’s jeans.

Tanner instantly wraps his lips around Johnny’s stiff inviting cock after it’s released. Johnny’s cock is at full mast when he moves around to service Tanner’s tight pink hole with an intense tongue rimming. He probes deeply with his wet lips and tongue.

Tanner moans with delight, he just loves a man’s lips on his love hole. Johnny then thrusts his huge meaty cock into Tanner ass hole, going deeper and deeper with each pump. Tanner’s hard dick bounces each time that Tanner rams his hard cock home.

As Johnny pounds away at Tanner’s hole he gives him an occasional slap on his hot round bubble butt. Just like the cowboy he always wanted to be. Johnny sits back on the steps so Tanner can ride his cock reverse cowboy, grinding his ass down hard and deep.

This pummelling gets both of them to the edge of orgasm, and they soon reach the point of no return. At the height of intensity they both heave forth hefty cum loads.

Two great cumshots and the boy’s sexual appetite is sated for now. They retire with their balls empty and Tanner’s ass a tad sore. There is plenty more where that came from no doubt. Get this video at Falcon Studios!

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