Hairy muscle hunk Paddy O’Brian milks every last drop of his hot load

Colt Studios says: Another scorching summer day and all we want to do it strip off our clothes and cool off. Hairy muscle hunk Paddy O’Brian has just this idea, he’s headed to the pool.


After a splash Paddy lazes in the cool clear water. His bronzed oily muscles glistening in the sunlight with his tight cut off jeans clinging closely to sizeable bulging crotch, revealing his soft but still sizeable cock.

He steps from the water and sheds another layer of clothes, stripping down further, to just his tight swim shorts then quick as a flash his thick, meaty dick flops into view.


Clearly excited by the water splashing around his balls, he’s alreadt rock hard and throbbing. Paddy strokes his man meat until it stand firmly upright, erect, as the cool glistening water drips down his naturally hairy, naked torso.


Without a doubt Paddy has a wonderful manly ripped body and loves to show it off whenever he gets the chance. Stroking his still wet skin Paddy spins around and opens wide his muscled hairy ass cheeks to gives us a birdseye view of his wonderfully hairy man hole.


After a quick return to the cooling water, Paddy then lays back on the poolside lounger and jerks his swollen cock with a some urgency, man is this guy horny, he needs to unload a drop.


Flexing his muscled hairy chest and arms as he jerks himself to a climax. Slowly but surely he works a hot load to the surface. Warm streams of white cum shoot from his swollen cock as Paddy milks every last drop of his hot load.



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