Underwear Fetish Antonio Manero gets em on to get off

Cockyboys says: I met Antonio Manero a few months back in New York. He arrived at my place and it had been pouring rain outside so he was drenched. I felt really bad: it was our first meeting and he looked like a wet rat.

I offered him a towel and he undressed out of his dripping clothes and started to dry off. Before I knew it, standing before me was a lean, mean Italian kid with a big fat bulge in his wet tighty whitey briefs.

I was in love! You see, Antonio looks like many of the Irish Italian kids I grew up with in New Orleans, whom I would have wet dreams about. He also reminded me of one of my first gay crushes: John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Before I knew it, we were discussing what kind of guys he liked and what he was into. As soon as he told me he had an underwear fetish, I was sold! I knew right then and there exactly what his first scene was going to be.

Meet Antonio Manero and his underwear fetish! Antonio is, quite nicely put, an underwear freak. He has every type of underwear imaginable and then some not-so-imaginable ones.

Watching him try on all the different pairs that he brought will turn even your grandma on! His sexy ripped body looks good in any of his underwear. My favorite one is the one where he bends over and then…. Get this video at Cockyboys!

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