Topher DiMaggio and Cavin Knight

Cocksure Men says: Topher DiMaggio gets down and dirty with Cavin Knight. We find the two studs busy sucking face, but before long they are both sucking cock. Each stud’s muscles flex as they fuck each others faces.

Topher and Cavin are both physical specimens with bodies chiseled from stone. Cavin arches his ass high in the air while on his knees so Topher can rim it. Topher laps and licks Cavin’s sweet ass. Cavin moans as Topher fingers his hole, then shoves his cock deep inside. Get this video at Cocksure Men!

Topher strokes Cavin deep and long, giving him every last inch of his big cock. It’s super hot watching Cavin’s cock flop around wildly as he bobs up and down on Topher’s rod.

Topher winds up fucking the cum right out of Cavin who blows a huge load all over his rock hard abs as he gets pounded. Topher pulls out just in time to give Cavin a big face and mouthful of his warm cum. Cavin loves the taste of Topher in his mouth.


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