Marc Dylan, Spencer Fox and Jimmy Durano at Hothouse

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Alex Mecum eases his cock in until Josh Conners’ hole is entirely filled


Hothouse says: Josh Conners has a smooth, round bubble butt that ripped stud Alex Mecum wants to savor. After swapping some spit, and swallowing Alex’s 8.5′ hole stretcher, Josh bends over to submit his hungry hole to Alex’s talented tongue and fingers. Read the full story here

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Hairy muscle hunk Spencer Reed fucks Justin Beal

Hothouse says: Hairy muscle hunk Spencer Reed tells Justin Beal that he calls the shots around the job site and can do whatever he wants, like sucking Beal’s fat cock. Reed takes a hit off his cigarette and wraps his mouth around Justin’s big cock. Read the full story here

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Logan Cross’ hole gaping from Dakota Payne’s fat dick stretching his raw hole

Hot House says: It’s a hot afternoon, and Dakota Payne and Logan Cross are sweaty from setting up the scaffolding for their painting project. They decide to strip off their clothes to get more comfortable and instantly their hands are rubbing all over each other’s hot, muscled bodies. Read the full story here

Connor Kline and Leo Domenico


Hothouse says: While he’s lying back on the exam table getting serviced Connor Kline reaches into the nurses scrubs and pulls out Leo Domenico’s thick cock. Connor pulls out first to blow his load followed by the Domenico, who stands up and shoots a huge stream of cum across the exam room. Read the full story here

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Dr Alex Mecum lubes up his fingers to slide them into Skyy Knox’s tight bubble-butt

Men for Men Blog Hothouse-gay-porn-Dr-Alex-Mecum-Skyy-Knox-tight-bubble-butt-sex-pics-001-gallery-video-photo Dr Alex Mecum lubes up his fingers to slide them into Skyy Knox's tight bubble-butt Hothouse  Skyy Knox tumblr Skyy Knox tube Skyy Knox torrent Skyy Knox pornstar Skyy Knox porno Skyy Knox porn Skyy Knox penis Skyy Knox nude Skyy Knox naked Skyy Knox myvidster Skyy Knox Hothouse com Skyy Knox gay pornstar Skyy Knox gay porn Skyy Knox gay Skyy Knox gallery Skyy Knox fucking Skyy Knox cock Skyy Knox bottom Skyy Knox blogspot Skyy Knox ass nude Hothouse naked man naked Hothouse Hothouse Tube Hothouse Torrent Hothouse Skyy Knox Hothouse Alex Mecum hothouse hot naked Hothouse gay porn star Alex Mecum tumblr Alex Mecum tube Alex Mecum torrent Alex Mecum pornstar Alex Mecum porno Alex Mecum porn Alex Mecum Penis Alex Mecum nude Alex Mecum naked Alex Mecum myvidster Alex Mecum Hothouse com Alex Mecum gay pornstar Alex Mecum gay porn Alex Mecum gay Alex Mecum gallery Alex Mecum fucking Alex Mecum Cock Alex Mecum bottom Alex Mecum blogspot Alex Mecum ass

Hot House says: Skyy Knox’s arm is tender from an injury on the field and ‘Jock Doc’ Alex Mecum wants to give him a full exam to make sure everything else is in good working order. Read the full story here

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Micah Brandt’s huge cock delivers a punishing fuck that stretches Brendan Phillips’ hole

Hot House says: Brendan Phillips hits the communal bathhouse showers to get cleaned up. Micah Brandt is already there, stroking himself under the water. Turning around, Brendan shows Micah a flash of his tight, pink asshole. Read the full story here

Adam Ramzi, Tommy Defendi and Tony Orion


Hothouse says: Even with a mouthful of two thick cocks Tony Orion begs for more so Tommy Defendi and Adam Ramzi pull out and leave him with none. The fucking continues until Adam shoots his load followed by Tommy who pulls out and blows a massive spray of thick white cum all over Adam’s chiseled abs. Read the full story here

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Troy Daniels special delivery – four guys probing his big bubble butt

Hothouse says: A crate marked ‘fragile’ shows up at the warehouse and the pack moves in. They pry it open to discover Troy Daniels inside wearing only a jockstrap and a smile. The gang drags Troy out of the crate and immediately beings probing his big bubble-butt with their fingers and tongues. Read the full story here

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