Schools out with Ryan Anderson and Simon Tanner at Bentley Race

Schools out with Ryan Anderson and Simon Tanner

Bentley Race says: It’s the start of the summer season in Australia and the schools are about to break for the holidays. To celebrate schoolies week we’ve made a special “after school” scene with our favourite mates Ryan Anderson and Simon Tanner. The guys are bunking off from school early to spend a naughty afternoon at Ben’s place.

Our scene today starts in the back stairwell where the guys are playing up, tugging at each other’s uniforms and kissing. This is not the first time our blond Aussie Simon has teamed up with Ryan. Ryan couldn’t wait to try riding on Simon’s fat cock, which he did not get to try before. After much kissing and teasing I finally grabbed the video camera just in time to catch the boys pulling off each other’s shorts and Ryan sliding his lips down the shaft of Simon’s cock.

Simon loves the attention and is soon grabbing Ryan’s head and forcing him down even further. Eventually the guys are wearing just their school ties and shoes when Simon forces Ryan on to his back and pushes his cock deep inside him. Ryan being super flexible gets his legs up behind his head so he can fully enjoy Simon’s long strokes.

It’s Simon who can’t hold on for long in this scene and suddenly squirts cum across Ryan lying helpless on the bed. Ryan soon follows letting his own creamy load go. What a perfect excuse for skipping school. It was a very horny afternoon shooting porn with our very popular mates and a great way to kick off the summer vacation in Australia.

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