Bentley Race – William Tudor with hot new Aussie boy star Chris Wyld

William Tudor with hot new Aussie boy star Chris Wyld

Bentley Race says: Now for a difficult question, when we asked William Tudor who he would like to partner in his first ever duo action shoot, naturally enough he picked Bentley Race’s hot new Aussie boy star Chris Wyld, who would have guessed it?

Well Chris himself was totally up for it. So here you are with William’s first hot duo, and Chris came to! The guys couldn’t wait to meet each other. When they arrived at my place and after some introductions, Chris came out with some of the wrestling vests and suggested that they get in to doing some wrestling.

I reckon he regretted it later, because William had him pinned for most of the match. The boys were getting along really well so I could tell this was going to be a hot scene. It wasn’t long before William had Chris’s vest right off leaving him completely naked.

When the boys started kissing I knew we had really started. Chris couldn’t get enough of William’s thick uncut slab of cock. He kept sucking on it as William grabbed the back of head to drive it in deeper. William is a great teaser. He would keep prodding Chris’s butt hole as if he were about to push it right in. Eventually he gave in and started fucking Chris with big long slides.

You can tell by the long on Chris’s face that he’s loving every stroke. Both William and Chris are local boys who grew up here in Melbourne. They only recently started modelling after it was suggested to them by their mates. Most of the guys have not appeared in porn anywhere in the world before. These fresh faced Aussie boys are always up for fun times and getting naked on camera.

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