Ali Halibi takes his first big dick with Marco Pirelli

Bentley Race says: I’ve finally gotten my mates Marco Pirelli and Ali Halibi together for Ali’s very first duo action scene. Ever since Ali first modelled for me he had been talking about getting it on with my other mate Marco.

He was so excited when I told him that I could line them both up for a shoot, just as long as I could come along and film it. It turned out to be a really hot scene. We all met down at a hotel near the river in Melbourne.

After taking some quick shots of the meeting by the river we headed back to the room where the guys could get to know each other a lot more. The guys were barely in the room before that had their clothes off.

We started the scene with the guys kissing and soaping each other up in the shower. Ali couldn’t hold on any longer and was down on his knees sucking on Marco’s thick uncut cock. I can tell that Marco is loving all the attention.

Before they got too carried away I suggested getting dried and heading out to the lounge area for the rest of the scene. Marco loves to fuck and can be a brutal top. Ali looked like he was about to pass out at first as Marco started to penetrate him.

But after being put through a whole lot of different positions he surprised me when he said he could take some more. But it was Marco who couldn’t hold on any longer and blew a whole big load of cum all over Ali’s chest.

Now check out the big grin on Ali’s face as he lays back on the couch all covered in cum. What a great way to spend the afternoon.

Marco tells me that he and Ali hooked up again just a few days after we shot this scene. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Ali after seeing him take on one of the biggest dicks in Australia.

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