Dolph Lambert & Brady Jensen for Belami

Dolph Lambert & Brady Jensen

Belami says: We have a blond Pin-Up spectacular this week with superstars Dolph Lambert and Brady Jensen. The combination of Dolph & Brady brings together two of the most popular porn stars from the US and Europe in one big photo set and 4 videos. Every picture we took was better than the next and there are 37 high definition photos in all. The photo shoot video starts with the young hot studs arriving at the house in Cape Town, South Africa. Brady undergoes some final make up whilst the cameraman explains a bit about the shoot. The boys start to kiss then break off as they get some instruction about looking towards the camera. As the camera pans down between both half naked bodies, it is clear to see that both these super ripped boys are equally matched, they both have gloriously sexy bodies. Muscles and all.

With Brady leaning with his back against Dolph’s chest, Dolph reaches around both sides and plays with his nipples. You get a great view of both boys muscular shoulders and arms. As Brady reaches into Dolph’s jeans he undoes the buttons and they fall to Dolph’s ankles, exposing a sexy pair of red and white Calvin Kleins. Next Dolph slides his hands around Brady’s waist while they are kissing and slips his fingers between the waistband of Brady’s shorts, allowing them to fall down a touch, exposing his cute bubble butt. Dolph squeezes his ass cheeks with both hands, massaging his lightly hairy butt firmly. Then the boys strip off the rest of their clothes, you catch a quick glimpse of Dolph flopping his soft cock in one hand as if trying to shake it into action. Could he be having first night nerves with his US date, Brady.  Surely not.  They adopt a range of different poses, both have super soft dicks. They take a short break from shooting and Dolph stands upright on the swinging deck chair rocking to and fro, his soft cock flopping about madly.

The boys have a good rapport with Brady admonishing him for looking at him whilst he should be concentrating on the camera. Back together on the swing, they swap places as Brady is shorter than Dolph, now they are side by side, on the swing, a good chance to compare their dicks. Brady, as with most American guys is cut whereas uncut Dolph still has his foreskin which is shading his bell end from getting sun burnt. As they both lie together naked on the deck bed Brady jerks Dolph’s cock to a full erection. Both boys now have super hard dicks. When they lie on top of each other they compare dick sizes and it is clear that Dolph’s is thicker and longer. Both have nice shaped cocks and tight ball sacks.

Then Brady takes Dolph’s thick cock in his mouth and starts to give him a deep blowjob. At this point you get a good sideways view of both boys hot bodies. Then it is Dolph’s turn to return the blowjob favor. He starts off by licking his tongue around Brady’s exposed bell end. The boys stand and massage each others bodies’ as their cocks stand up straight between them like crossed swords. Then they start to jerk off their dicks, on the say so of the cameraman. At this point, just half way through the whole photoshoot video we leave the boys, but there is plenty more sexy fun. This video is by way of an introduction to the series of four videos of Dolph and Brady including some hot sex scenes.

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