Active Duty – Amateur recruit Marty gets fucked by hung straight guy Grant

Active Duty says: Director Mike tells how the guys met earlier in the day for lunch. As with all lunches at Mike’s house the guys almost always end up naked in a bed by the end of the afternoon.

Mike leaves the room for a moment leaving the guys alone to see what transpires. They just could not wait, when he returns, they are busy jerking their cocks under the white sheet you can clearly see Grant’s cock head tenting against the sheet.

A moment or so later the guys get in close together and start jerking each other’s cocks. You like that?” Grant asks. “Feels good,” Marty answers, between sighs. I can’t tell if straight hunk Grant is even watching any porno off camera as he seems intent in getting his fill of the unique situation before him. After all it’s his first man on man action, EVER! He wanted us to make that totally clear. Marty on the other hand only has eyes for Grant’s body and his big dick, for him that is all he is after.

“You wanna suck that dick?” Grant asks Marty, without any hesitation he completely sucks down Grant’s rod taking it deep into his mouth. “Suck that cock,” Grant tells Marty, “Fuck yes. Fuckin’ deep. Suck that dick! You like that dick?” Marty’s raging hard-on answers for us, but he also says “tastes good!” in between deep-throat attempts.

Marty looks to be in heaven, licking up and down Grant’s stiff cock making sure to lick his balls (just like he asks). Before you know it, out comes the lube and Grant is greasing up his dick. Marty gets himself ready too, while Grant asks “You ready?” Marty grunts out “yeah,” and straddles Grant’s big one, facing him. And wow. Marty impales himself on Grant’s raw dick and it’s just crazy hot. Marty lets out a “damn!” as he settles into a rhythm, trying to take in all of Grant’s dick.



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