Legend Men – New muscle meat!


Legend Men – New muscle meat!

Legend Men says: Since we ran the top 100 of the world’s sexiest naked muscle men (All Legend Men) we have had a lot of responses asking for some of their newer muscle meat. So your wish is our command, here are the latest five beautiful muscle men more to follow over the long holiday weekend. If you missed our countdown of the top 100 Legend Men then you can catch up with those posts here.


These hot men just keep coming, I am not sure where Von Legend finds these guys but he sure knows how to get them looking in peak condition for the cameras. All of these men, like those that we’ve featured previously are alpha male big muscle men. With the emphasis on well defined, taught bodies. And of course bulging muscles.


My favorites of this bunch has got to be Ross Marcini with his smattering of big tattoos and Rustin Iron for his smooth ultra defined upper body and his gorgeously suckable big black dick. I am sure both these guys could do someone quite some damage if they slipped up and in. I’ll try not to think about it!


Each day this long holiday weekend we are featuring another set of the latest muscle men from Legend Men, however if you can’t wait that long, i.e. a bit impatient, then you can catch all these gorgeous muscle hunks now (here). And if you don’t want to miss these new guys as they come on board then don’t forget to subscribe to this blog, details at the top (right hand side) and the bottom of each page.

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