Hairy chested Conner Habib and shaved headed Rex Roddick

Cocksure Men says: Rex Roddick’s back is burnt to a crisp and is in dire need of some lotion. Conner Habib is more than happy to lend a hand and gives Rex a creamy back rub.

With Rex’s back taken care of, Conner flips him over and takes care of his own dire need of a big cock. Conner shows off his talent by deep throating Rex’s big dick all the way down to his balls.

Rex is no amateur when it comes to cock sucking either. He has Conner Habib moaning with delight and his erect dick pointing straight to the sky. Conner is dripping with anticipation for Rex Roddick’s long shaft inside him.

He lays back and kicks his legs up to accept Rex’s rod. Thrusting deep inside Conner’s ass makes Rex forget all about his sun-burnt back. After bobbing up and down on Rex, Conner wants a turn topping.

Rex gets on all fours and arches his ass high in the air. Conner Habib gets Rex ready by shoving his tongue and fingers inside Rex’s tight hole before slipping his dick inside. Conner rams Rex hard and fast.

Rex Roddick loves it so much he cums onto his abs while Conner still pumps away. Conner licks up his thick, white cum and feeds it to Rex.

Still hungry, Conner cums in Rex’s waiting mouth. The two studs exchange kisses and then Conner offers to rub cum onto Rex’s back. Get Conner Habib and Rex Roddick video at Cocksure Men!

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