22 year old Nicolas Cruz steps out of his wet Aussiebum speedos

Bentley Race says: When Zac met Nicolas Cruz for an afternoon of hooking up in Barcelona he sent me the photos and video to post on BR.

But he didn’t tell me about this scene that they shot the next day in Zac’s bath tub. Zac tells me that Nicolas was amazed at how see through those Aussiebum speedos became when he got them wet.

I hadn’t noticed this either I took a second look at the photos. Nicolas as an extremely handsome Spaniard that Zac was hanging out with during our stay in Barcelona earlier this year.

He met this 22 year old personal trainer one afternoon on Grindr. It wasn’t long before Nicolas was on our doorstep ready for his first shoot with Zac.

It’s no wonder we love visiting Spain when the guys look like Nicolas. Get 22 year old Nicolas Cruz video at Bentley Race!

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