Dolph Lambert & Harris Hilton for Belami

Dolph Lambert & Harris Hilton for Belami

Belami says: Without a doubt if you love fresh faced European Twinks then these two Belami lovers DolphLambert and HarrisHilton are going to make you swoon. Marty Stevens was the photographer for these shots with Harris and Dolph which were taken on their recent travels to Cape Town, South Africa. He captures these two blond gods in playful embrace and busy pleasuring each other until they both rush to a climax at the end of the set. Dolph and Harris appear as two young lovers in the flush of a new hot sexy romance (or do they, see later). The video of the photoshoot starts with the two sexy hunks relaxing by the pool before making preparations for the photoshoot in their plush apartment in Cape Town.

Catch Dolph having some touch up make up applied (yes, even though these young boys are already perfect a little bit always helps), whilst Harris shaves his legs, his balls and trims his pubes in the bath. Once they are all set, the boys linger with a gentle slow kiss. In fact my thoughts were that the sexual chemistry between these guys just wasn’t happening for me. (or them if truth be known).

Dolph is an extremely beautiful young man, his face is angelic, and his smile and lips are to die for. Harris is cute but next to Dolph there is no competition in my eyes. Both these blue eyed boys have wonderful ripped muscular bodies. As Dolph leans back just before Harris sits on his lap, you get a great view of his V-shaped torso. Nice and ripped but not too much, if you know what I mean. There is a great sequence where Harris has his bare feet resting on Dolph’s chest and his toes are playing with his nipples.

Another sexy moment is when Dolph slides Harris’s shorts from him in slow motion. Later Harris opens Dolph’s shorts exposing his sexy underwear, grabs at the waistband and catches a glimpse of his super soft sleeping cock nestling safely against the fabric of his briefs. The shoot video continues throughout the day, showing how the boys and cameraman achieved the shots (some of the 36 photos are featured here).

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